Welcome to my new Press Kit section

To facilitate your consultation, this section is organized by years of publication, which are found in the column on the left of the page.

Once you have clicked on the desired year, you can browse through the available articles by using the navigation arrows on either side of the thumbnail images. These little pictures give you a preview of the available documents.

Click on the thumbnail image of the document you wish to see and a summary description of the article will appear below the thumbnail row. If you wish to consult the whole document, click on the enlarged version seen in the rectangle above the thumbnail row. This will allow you to open the document and to save it as a pdf document.

If you have in your possession articles that are not found in this collection, do not hesitate to contact me to arrange for their addition to the Press Kit section.

Thank you for your collaboration in helping me make this section as complete as possible.

Happy reading!

This section has been updated by Virginie Brault-Lafleur (summer 2009)